Non-Profit Mailing
Non-Profit groups can apply to the U.S. Postal Service for approval to mail at special Non-Profit postage rates. This class of mail is a lower priced Standard Mail rate with the same delivery time-frames. Once the USPS approves the application, we can mail for that organization and the documentation will remain on file for all future mailings.

Below are the forms required by the USPS. Please fill out the appropriate form and fax it to 717-274-0334 attention Martina Camp. Once Colortech receives the application, it will be sent to the Lebanon, PA post office to be approved. The address for the post office to use on the forms is 101 South 8th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042-9998.

PS3624 - Application for Non-Profit- Use this form if you have never been approved by a post office for non-profit mailing. The approval process for this form can take up to a month to be approved. (Since this process can take so long, once the application is stamped "Received" at the post office, you may start mailing at the Pre-Sort Standard rate. Once the application is approved, the discount will be retroactive to the application's received date. Colortech must then request a refund for those mailings.)

PS3623 - Application for Non-Profit at an Additional Post Office - Use this form if you have been previously approved by another post office. The approval process for this form will usually take 1-3 business days.